Should Your Healthcare Practice Implement a Google AdWords Campaign?

The short answer to this questions is yes.

Let me explain.

Google AdWords is a powerful tool for businesses! It is a pay-per-click (PPC) platform allowing businesses to advertise with text or display ads throughout Google’s network. Although there are other PPC platforms available, Google remains one of the best for effectively reaching your target patient population.

Here are some benefits of implementing an AdWords campaign:

  1. You can control your budget. With an AdWords campaign, you only pay per click. Additionally, you can set a maximum cost per day. This feature allows for users to effectively stay on top of their ad spending.
  2. High ROI. The typical cost per click is $1-$2 and you can be confident that your return on the investment will likely be much more!
  3. Flexibility. An Adwords campaign can shift and expand depending on how things pan out. You can always include more or less keywords into your campaign as you go! You have the flexibility to adapt.
  4. Targeted Spending. An alluring component of AdWords is your ability to target patients within a geographic location and with specific needs. Patients who need and are searching for your services are more likely to find you.
  5. Fast Results. Although working to boost your organic SEO results is still critical, it may take more time to see improvements. Google AdWord allows for very fast, visible improvements.

Implementing an AdWords campaign requires a strategic approach. If you’d like to discuss more, please contact me. I’d love to help you grow your practice!

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